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rail infrastructure

Bored piles have a range of uses including deep foundations, bridge foundations, contiguous and soldier pile retaining walls and supports for overhead structures. Civil Sydney has a range of dedicated bored pile rigs as well as supporting equipment that allows us to take on a range of projects of any size.

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Driven Piles

Driven piles can offer a cost-effective solution for your foundation requirements. Driven piles can allow quicker installation than bored or CFA alternatives and can be ideally suited for sites with poor ground conditions or contaminated sites where handling of drilled material can be hazardous and expensive to treat.

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sheet piles

Sheet piles have a wide range of uses from temporary shoring to permanent walls such as basements. As well as installation, Civil Sydney can also offer the supply of sheets both permanent and temporary hire as well as the design and certification including internal bracing structures if required.

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pile design

Civil Sydney and its engineers have the capabilities to design and certify temporary and permanent retaining structures, building foundations, bridge piles, cut off walls and piling platforms.

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plant hire

Civil Sydney is able to offer a range of piling rigs and equipment including cranes for hire, both wet and dry, at very competitive rates. Vibratory hammers, Hydraulic crawler cranes and Franna cranes available.

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CFA Piling

CFA piles are a non-displacement pile used when unstable collapsing ground conditions are encountered, often with high water tables. They are a vibration free and relatively silent installation that offers high load bearing capacity.

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'Our repeat business is proof of our performance in these fields. With the relationship between Civil Sydney and our suppliers, we have created an excellent team catering to all needs.'  

Civil Sydney commenced in 1995, specialising in piling solutions for all aspects of construction. We can offer piling for residential, commercial, industrial and civil projects including design and certification of our works.

Work includes driven piles, screw piles, bored piers, sheet piling, bridge foundations and construction, rail infrastructure and marine piling and construction. We have completed many and varied projects both large and small within this area of construction.