Yamba Outfall Diffuser


Project: Yamba Outfall Diffuser

Client: Ledonne Constructions

        Civil Sydney’s Contract Value: $400k             


Project Description 

Civil Sydney was contracted to supply and install a temporary cofferdam as well as permanent ‘Mono pile’ to allow the construction of the new Sewer outfall diffuser at Yamba NSW.

The project involved working approximately 1km offshore on barges to install driven piles with a combination of our 50t crawler crane, PVE vibro hammer and both our 6 & 9t Junttan hammers.

As well as the driven piles Civil Sydney was also engaged for the supply and fabrication of internal bracing and the design, certification and onsite construction of a temporary loading wharf for the 50t crane and auxiliary piling equipment.

Civil Sydney was heavily involved in the project from tender stage to completion and using our extensive knowledge and expertise were able to offer some significant savings in both program duration and costs.